Reload all images

Reload images tool
Reload images tool

Purpose of "Reload all images" tool

This tool can be used to reload all images added on a page.

Requirements to use this tool

To use this tool, a user should have "Toolkit For Web Developer" chrome extension installed on their web browser.

To download and install "Toolkit For Web Developer", please visit our download page: Download Toolkit For Web Developer

Supported document types

Document type Supported
main document yes
iframe elements yes
shadow dom yes

Nested shadow elements and nested iframe elements are not fully supported by this tool.

This tool also does not support shadow root opened with the closed mode.

Steps to reload all images

  • After visiting a specific page right click on it.
  • This will open context menu of "Toolkit For Web Developer" extension.
  • Click on "Open content tools" from context menu this will add a content tool window on a user's screen.
  • Select "Reload all images" tool from the left drawer menu.
  • After that, "Reload all images" tool will be shown on right side of the window.
  • Click on "Reload all images" button.
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