License activation

"Toolkit For Web Developer" is free to try, however a license must be purchased for continued use.

To learn more about limitations of free version, please visit: Limitations of using a free trial

For payments made using chrome web store

Given below is the information about activating and verification of license purchased via chrome web store.

License activation and verification

If a user has purchased a license for using premium version of our extension through chrome web store then they must follow the steps given below to activate or verify their newly purchased license:

  • Make sure that user is signed into their google account through which user has made the payment.
  • Click on extension icon to open popup page.
  • Click on "License information" link from left drawer menu.
  • Extension will ask a user to authenticate using their Google account to know order information and to check whether their license is active or not.

If a user follows above steps and their subscription is active then their license status will be marked as "active".

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