Disable caching

Disable caching
Disable caching

Purpose of this tool

This tool can be used to get rid of cached content.

We recommend a user to use this tool only while they are developing a website.

User should enable this tool if fast internet connection is available and they don't want to access cached content on any of the websites that they visit.

Requirements to use this tool

To use this tool, a user should have "Toolkit For Web Developer" chrome extension installed on their web browser.

To download and install "Toolkit For Web Developer", please visit our download page: Download Toolkit For Web Developer

Supported document types

Document type Supported
main document yes
iframe elements yes
shadow dom yes

Nested shadow elements and nested iframe elements are not fully supported by this tool.

This tool also does not support shadow root opened with the closed mode.

Problems with cached data

There are a number of problems with cached data, especially while developing a website, developer should use latest versions of all files on their browser.

Manually deleting cached content can slow down development time, therefore this tool will help a user to automatically get rid of cached data as a user is developing a website or browsing the web.

What happens when the tool for disabling cache is enabled

When the tool is enabled it automatically deletes browser cache whenever any of the tab is updated.

Cached content for all sites stored on a user's web browser is deleted all at once.

What happens when the tool is disabled

When the tool is disabled cached content is not deleted and cached content is normally used by the browser.

How to enable or disable this tool

Follow these steps to enable this tool:

  • Click on "Toolkit For Web Developer" extension icon, after that a popup page will be opened.
  • Click on "Open background tools" button, this will open background tools in a new tab page.
  • Select "Disable caching" from left drawer menu.
  • After that, use the checkbox shown on screen to enable or disable this tool.
  • Click on "Apply changes and reload" button to apply changes.
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